The Universal Geoasset ID

Connect your geo-assets to any source of information
with a unique, blockchainable, digital twin ID.


For companies in agrifood, energy, logistics & any other industry.

One ID, Total Control.

Reduce Risks Icon

Reduce Risks

Mitigate unexpected surprises and greater financial risk with informed, proactive maintenance on your key geo-assets.

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Simplify Management

Avoid strangling your organization’s productivity and simplify the integration of multiple sources of data with a universal ID.

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Reduce Costs

Know where to target your optimizations with real-time monitoring, avoiding guesswork and wasted time.

Solutions across industries and lines of business.

Solution 1

Get Digital Twins of your Geospatial Assets.

Don't redraw your shapes over and over. Identify your geo-assets with our universal GeoID and streamline their connection to multiple sources of data.

Satellite Images

Weather Forecasts


Analytics Software

Solution 2

Control and Enrich your assets in Real-time.

Catch your liability hotspots at a glance, and focus on the efforts that make the biggest impact to lower your costs and risks through GeotoID's Dashboard.


Alerts & Triggers

Powered by Woza's Platform.
Scalable, high-performance and cost-effective from the ground-up.

Beaz Bizkaia
IBM Cloud
Google Cloud
Founder Institute


Expert team sessions to help you unlock innovation.

If you have a custom request or need help fitting GeotoID into your ecosystem, don't worry. Reach out and our team will help you determine what's the best course of action for your specific circumstances.

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