Transform your fields into blockchain assets

Create a digital twin of every geospatial asset and get proof of their atributes
Connect, Access and Share information through APIs


GeotoID, the universal geospatial identification platform. The smartest way to integrate geospatial identity, proofs, blockchain and data.

Identity & Proof

Generate Unique blockchained IDs that connect your fields in physical space to online digital assets.

Data Analytics

From sutainable data, supply chain to yield, weather & prediction. Linked with multiple data providers.

Simple API

Connect with blockchain networks, share data only using a real-time API without altering your core processes.

Smart & Trusted technology used
by a wide range of companies.

GeotoID is a simple and secure solution that acts as an interface for the exchange of digital geospatial information. Each asset is mapped to a unique ID, which allows you to integrate information from various sources and connect it with blockchain networks.


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Once the asset is part of the GeotoID platform, it can be accessed from all systems and incorporated relevant information for the processes: traceability, sustainability, maintenance, status, etc.

Empowering food production
all over the world.

GeotoID's API enables developers to manage, share and get access to large amounts of data with one-click.

  • Sustainable forestry & Deforestation.
  • Field info related to practices, crops & results.
  • Food info to create consumer awereness for healthier choices.
  • Spatial Smart-Contracts on top of shared location data.

Improving efficiency, maintenance and
control over energy sources.

Enabling energy industry leaders to improve processes and data for the production lifecycle.

  • Detect failures and rust applying Artificial Intelligence.
  • Share your assets securely and add info during all the process.
  • Detect and classify objects of interest using Drone Providers.
  • Improve efficiency with weather forecasts and users collective knowledge.

Recent solutions using GeotoID

GeotoID could be used as an identification, identity validation, single point of access or a simple query system for relevant information. Recent uses:

From Electric Tower to Digital Assets

Each georeferenced tower became an asset to be able to identify and attach immutable data (images, characteristics) and manipulate it more easily, applying AI for rust detection.

Using weather data linked with GeotoID for alerting workers on the front lines

Develop a unified weather API over our platform, which delivers real-time geolocated alerts for pre-set and custom incidents, discriminating different degrees of criticality. Easily customizable messages for embedded apps, dashboards, messages.

Sustainability: Carbon Footprint linked with geospatial assets

Can we help consumers choose products responsibly? Crossing information about products, transportation and logistics, we developed a set of badges (gamification) that indicate the CO2 footprint.

Transparent pricing program.

Do you need help getting access to or using the API? Have any suggestions or feedback? Please reach out to us.

Personal plan


  • 10 Assets
  • 1GB Storage
  • 1 Project
  • Basic Support

Business plan


Per month

  • 100 Assets
  • 10GB Storage
  • 5 Projects
  • Premium Support

Enterprise plan


  • Unlimited Assets
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Premium Support

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